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Unique curriculum's for different stages of your child's development ensure your child always has the opportunity to develop in fun ways to keep your child engaged.

Playrooms within our nursery are generously proportioned, carefully planned and resourced to create inspiring learning environments in which children can grow and learn with confidence. 

We pride ourselves on offering children a wide range of activities throughout their daycare journey with us.  Children have access to wonderful outdoor play areas at every stage, offering the opportunity for regular outdoor learning experiences across all areas of the curriculum.

Every step of your child's development is recorded so that we can create tailored learning plans, and at the end of the pre-school year parents/guardians will be presented with their child’s portfolio - a lasting memento of their Early Years Learning Journey.


Chicks & Ducks

Under 2 years

Children are cared for in small groups of mobile/non-mobile ability.  We invest in toys and equipment that are age appropriate and used to develop your child’s sensual awareness.

Each child is observed regularly so that their development can be measured within their individual profile.  This informs the specific development plan and activities for every child throughout their time in our care.

Kids Drawing


2 - 3 years

Our staff continue to plan based on the children’s individual needs while using themes and topics to keep the children motivated and interested to learn.  We can help build on topics that the children are interested in and encourage their curiosity and urge to investigate.

Neighbourhood walks and plenty of exercise in our outdoor play areas keep children active and engaged for a healthy lifestyle.



3 - 5 years

Children move into the Swans Room the year before they go to school. We use current themes for example: seasons, weather, people who help us and cultural celebrations to keep the children motivated and interested to learn.

There are a wide variety of activities for the children to choose from and the emphasis will remain on learning through play while teaching life skills ready for school. There will be a formal register taken each day and to increase listening and concentration skills children will have story and singing sessions. 

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If you have any questions or you would like to book a tour of the nursery with one of our team, please let us know your preferred day/time using the form opposite.

St. Brendan's Pre-School Nursery
Brookfold Lane, Bolton BL2 4DZ
England, UK

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